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MicroLan Repair Warranty

At MicroLan - Apple Technical Service we guarantee:

All repairs have a warranty of 6 months except the change of graphics card or motherboard that is 3 months.*


  • MicroLan is not liable in any way for the loss or damage to the information as a result of the breakdown and / or repair.

  • Likewise, the responsibility for the information and applications installed on the device assigned to be repaired by MicroLan is exclusive to the owners of such equipment.

  • The price of the inspection done in the workshop in case of not accepting the repair budget, or that the device does not have possible repair, is 15 € + VAT.

  • All users will be obliged to pay the corresponding expenses of storage of their machine if it has not been removed from our laboratories within one month from the date of notification . The storage fee is € 2 per day and machine (VAT aside).

*Nullity of Guarantee

This warranty shall not be valid in the case of: misuse, improper use of the product, improper handling by unauthorized person, deterioration of the product due to external agents such as lime or other harmful, chemical, obstructive or corrosive substances, due to improper maintenance or lack of cleaning. Likewise, failures or malfunctions caused by incorrect voltages and electrical installations will not be covered by this guarantee.


Monday to Friday:
10:00 - 18:00


Luis Briñas 41
48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia

(+34) 94 467 84 64

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