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Maintenance services

What does the Maintenance Service include?

  • The equipment agreed upon when contracting maintenance.

  • Any computer problem analysed and exposed in our audit of your company that includes problems of Software, Hardware, Operating System, Common Programs, Standard Applications, Printers, Servers, Virus and Malware infections, in short, any problems you may have with your Computers (Mac and PC), Servers or Networks will be solved by MicroLan.

  • On-site Computer Audit in which we will carry out a study of the technological state of your entire company.

  • To be able to draw up a Plan that includes solutions that assure to 100% its correct operation, minimizing the problems that can occur: we will elaborate a document as an inventory of its technical devices in order that our technicians have all the information of your company, not only the status of your equipment but also all information related  to keys, locations of programs etc.

  • In the document that we will give you on the IT Audit of your company, special emphasis will be placed on the status of: your servers, network, data security, anti-virus, security.

  • We will also review if you have an appropriate policy in the generation of Data Backups, local and remote.

  • With our Free Audit we create a customized Operation Plan for your company. We advise you on how to implement the new technologies, and when is the right time to innovate. We are in favour of a stable and proven technology in front of an unstable leading technology because we have to take into account that many of the leading computer products and technology need some time of employment to be reliable.

  • We orient the client in the needs that he could have in the contract of his network, or in new market tendencies that can improve his day to day.

  • The initial Audit that we perform together with Preventive Maintenance minimizes the number of computer incidents improving the productivity of your company. With our Preventive Counselling on the state of your computer park we will offer solutions that improve the performance of:

  • Computer equipment, printers, network electronics, peripherals and special devices that are included in the contract. The Security Configuration Software through critical updates of Operating Systems.

  • Improvements in computer security, thanks to the installation on request of the anti-virus client.

  • Monitored backups, so information is always secured.

  • Advice when acquiring any technological material to cover your needs.

  • Server status monitoring: performance, sizing, disk space, permissions, security, etc ...

  • We carry out a thorough inventory of equipment. We will keep the information about all the relevant data of the installation, so that any of our technicians can work independently on your premises or with our support of online remote assistance.

  • If the company acquires new equipment during our maintenance, your company's study plan will be reviewed (with advantages for your company if this equipment is acquired through our company).

How does it work once we are operational?

  • We will be your Computer Department, within the parameters indicated in the contract of your IT maintenance service. Any computer incident that occurs in your company must be communicated by phone, email or our ticket system.

  • Once we are informed about an incident, our technician will determine if it can be solved via online or on-site remote assistance.

  • Depending on the urgency of the assistance, and as a result of the established response time, we will contact your company.

  • In the event that due to the nature of the incident it is not possible to resolve it through remote access in the case of a Hardware problem requiring on-site assistance, the technician will try to work with the responsible partner of your company to solve the problem via telephone.

  • Multichannel Assistance VS Remote Assistance (online assistance). There is no time limit or number of online assistance via remote. We will respond online to problems that affect the entire company, within the parameters that are our responsibility, stipulated in the maintenance contract. Mainly when servers, networks, applications are affected ... There is no limit to the number of attendances, questions or time through channels such as telephone or email.

  • The response times for remote access to the client computer or server, considerably reduce the time of action and repair of incidents.

  •  You will have a technician with knowledge of the technological operation of your company. We will be your Computer Department within the parameters indicated in the contract of your service.

  • We will become one more area of your company, with the idea of ensuring communication and prompt resolution of problems. To get an effective technical support our computer technicians will be integrated with your company, achieving a total fluidity in the computer maintenance of your servers and workstations.

  • During our maintenance with your company only our team will be able to access your NETWORK and all the support we manage. In the case of detecting that an unauthorized person has touched these parameters, we will act resolving that incident as an extra assistance and we will charge like a "separate intervention" with the cost that entails according to the time that our technician has to be in its facilities.

  •  This maintenance service includes one visit per month to review all of your equipment. If you want to expand the number of visits do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Response  Time. Once received your notice we will contact you in a period not exceeding 24/48 hours.

We will be your IT Department

  • Advice in the purchase of Computer Products, Electronics always offering you competitive prices and our advice in the search of the best product or service.

  • When purchasing consumables and computer equipment in our company, we offer a bonus in the computer maintenance service of your company.



Monday to Friday:
10:00 - 18:00


Luis Briñas 41
48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia

(+34) 94 467 84 64

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