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PC repairs

 All kinds of repair of computers, laptops and servers.

In our workshop we repair all kinds of tablets, smartphones, hard drives, servers. Any computers, any failures.

Configurations of all types of computers and networks, with technicians and consultants specialists in networks, wifi networks and VPN tunnels, NAS servers.

Specialists in the configuration of smartphones, tablets and computers. We configure the equipment according to the needs of the client.


We endeavour to build the machine you need advising you in everything.


Do you need equipment of a specific size? Specific fetures? Specific components? Specific tasks?

Adjusting the price

Each computer has a price, but you can always find a balance; the important thing is to know what it will be used for.

Do you need a gaming machine but have limited budget?
Do you need a small sized equipment for your living room?
Just multimedia or are you going to game?
Do you want a server that's 24/7 on?
Are you thinking about upgrading your equipment to VR?
Or maybe you're thinking of using it for video editing?
Do you know the components you want to use in the assembly?
Or do you just want a reliable and trouble-free computer?

Custom-configured Equipment

We enjoy building every computer. Therefore we like to construct custom-configured machines taking into account all needs, specifications and limits. From adjusting the price of the machine to selecting one by one each component. You will have an assisting technician with you who will guide you, help you and make your computer configuration adjusted  to your needs.


Monday to Friday:
10:00 - 18:00


Luis Briñas 41
48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia

(+34) 94 467 84 64

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